Bento Box - Storyboard Test
Storyboards and animatic for YouTube channel Corridor Digital. Pilot for an animated series were the Creators get sucked into their own creation and adventure ensues.  Storyboarded in Photoshop and edited in After Effects.
Written and designs by Gabriel Peregrino
Polished animatic
Created storyboards and animation for an animated sequence in a documentary film about a boy and his battle against cancer and his treatment. 
Lost Dog
Storyboards and animatic of a kid in a post apocalypse world and a lost dog.  Drawn and edited in Storyboards Pro. 
Written and drawn by Gabriel Peregrino

Made an animatic of the Marvel comic "Ultimate's." in Storyboard Pro.

Storyboard art test for "Axe Cop" Animation Domination FOX animated series. Done in Photoshop 

Storyboards for StopMotion animated live action video for Youtube Channel "Corridor Digital." Done in Photoshop 

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